Murder Mystery & Paranormal Romance

Murder, mystery and a bit of paranormal romance! 💕🥂🌹
Here’s a sneak peek of the story…

As they walked to the Emerald City Blues Club, Selina noticed that the clouds were breaking up and she could see a few stars.  Then, the moon come out from behind a cloud, looking almost full and very bright.  She glanced over at Damian.

“Nice to see that the moon isn’t a problem for you,” she said as they walked out of the alley and turned down the street to the blues club.

“I told you I can control it,” Damian replied, looking over at her, “as long as I don’t have beautiful women adding something extra to my whiskey.”

Selina smiled.  “That’s good to know,” she said.  “I do have a question though.  How do you change into a wolf and not have your….” she paused, trying not to laugh, “not have your clothes left in a pile on the ground?”

Damian glanced over at her.  “Are you picturing me without my clothes right now…or only as a wolf?”

Vampires can’t blush, a fact that Selina was grateful for at that moment.  “Mr. Salvadori, I assure you I am merely interested in the mechanics of your transformation.”

“Too bad,” replied Damian, smiling.  “To answer your question, I have a small token that I keep in my pocket.  As long as I have it, my clothes transform with the rest of me.  It I lose it…let’s just say it could make for an embarrassing return to my human form.”

Selina was going to ask him more, when she realized they had almost reached the club.  “Should we go in or stay outside?” she asked, looking around.

“Relax,” Damian said, taking her hand.  “We are just two people out for a walk, who may stop and listen to a little music.”

Selina nodded.  “Then, let’s go in and see what we can find out,” she said, glancing over at the entrance.

“All right,” Damian agreed.  “But first, don’t you think we should look like a couple out for a romantic evening?”  He walked past the front entrance and stopped, looking into her eyes.  He smiled, then tipped her chin up and kissed her.

For a long moment, he forgot all about the club, the vampires, everything but Selina and how wonderful it felt to kiss her.  She seemed to grow warmer at his touch and before he knew it, he had put his arms around her and was kissing her with a lot more feeling than he had intended.

Selina had not expected the kiss but was not surprised.  She knew Damian found her attractive, but she did not anticipate her reaction to it.  As the kiss deepened, she felt his lips warm against hers and she started to feel herself grow warmer.  This had never happened before.  He was kissing her with such passion that she put her arms around his neck and held on, wishing for a moment he would never stop.

Finally, Damian stepped back and just looked at her.  Carina, you are warm to the touch.  Is this the way it always is, when you kiss someone back?

Selina shook her head, slightly.  “No, it’s the first time anything like this has ever happened.”  At his look, she smiled.  “Don’t be so proud of yourself.  I have not kissed a man for quite some time.  Maybe, I have evolved, and you are just the first to notice.”

Damian smiled.  “Perhaps.”  As he started to say something else, he noticed two men walk up to the entrance and nod at the doorman, then go in without paying.  “Selina, who is that man with Lou Williams?”

Selina turned.  “That’s the manager of Midnight Madness,” she replied, “the club just down the street from Luna’s.”  She turned back to Damian.  “Why would their manager be with Lou Williams, when he blames all of the other clubs for hurting his business?”

“I don’t know,” Damian said, “but I think it’s time we found out.”  He took her hand as they walked back to the entrance.

Read the rest of the story right now!

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